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Small Business Spotlight


Black Owned Business Connect LLC is a black run company whose goal is to connect consumers to black owners and businesses worldwide. Lina Leone (She/her) created this company with a goal of expanding the public image to black companies and allowing equal representation for all. 

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Britta Swanson is an experienced photographer in the Phoenix valley and beyond. Britta takes exceptional photos as a side hustle to her 9-5 job as an english teacher. She is a driven woman with a heart for God and community. You can find her photos and contact her at

or @brittagracephotos on instagram!

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Chelsea (she/her) started doing stained glass a few years ago and was inspired through her mom's passing. She started teaching herself, fell in love with it, and wanted to see what she was capable of doing. At the moment Chelsea handles her business through Instagram, but she is in the process of getting a website made and trying the build her brand! Ways to support Chelsea are to follow her Instagram account (@lonesomecrowglass) and check out her amazing stained glass designs! She makes everything from earrings to wind chimes to window panes. 

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Mikayla Rivas (she/her) started Radical Goods as an artist and entrepreneur. All of her items are eco-friendly and handmade. Some of her goods include macrame plant hangers, bags, wall art, etc! You can find her on instagram at @shopradicalgoods. She is based in Durango, CO but ships! 

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Barre element is a boutique studio that offers low impact group fitness classes with elements of cardio. This female focused studio hosts many instructors such as Debbie Sanders, to empower women to feel motivated to workout despite age, weight, or energy. If interested, you can take online courses on join in person. You can find more information of Barre Element at

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Kay, the creator of OjosJewelry is 22 and based in Las Vegas! She's been creating jewelry for over a year now. OjosJewelry was created to express individualism + spirituality + protection. Every piece is 1/1 and as unique as it's owner. Kay is very careful with the energy the jewelry is created with

 so it's received in the best way possible! 🧿

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